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13.07.2016 16:48 #1
Hello all,

So we've had some problems with this issue around handset deactivation for security reasons and all that goes with it. Tesco Mobile's answers have been consistent yet unsatisfactory to many of you. We've now descended to the point where there are a small number of people who are simpy being disruptive looking for some other answer that simply put, you're not going to get. The team here can't give you any other answers - it's not a case of whether they want to or not, it would be gross incompetence on their part to talk about security matters in public.

Telco's have numerous policies surrounding privacy and fraud. Anyone with a lick of sense will understand the need for these policies to be kept internal and private and not something that can or should be commented on publicly. If you think that keeping the means of protecting your accounts should be laid bare for anyone who would seek to scam people to analyse and subsequently bypass then let me tell you about these magic beans I just found...

This nonsense needs to come to and end and you need to stop harassing the reps over this issue. They can't tell you anything more. If you want to talk to the people who made the decisions you're discussing, I'm sure you can find the details here: http://www.tescomobile...contact-support.aspx

We'll simply be removing any further posts on this matter and will have to consider removing access for people if they continue to demand answers that they will not get from the company.
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