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Why do I submit a Meter Reading and how do I do it?

04.07.2016 15:59 #1

Meter readings help us to keep your bill as accurate as possible. ESB Networks and Gas Networks Ireland will read your meter up to 4 times a year, so it is good to provide them yourself to ensure your bills are not estimated.

Each read you give makes any estimates smarter and more accurate, so if you happen to miss one read, the estimate will be more in line with your actual usage.

Reading your meter is straightforward but there are different kinds of meters.

  • 24 hour Meter (Standard or Digital)
  • Day/Night Meter (Standard or Digital)
  • Standard/Digital Meter
  • Dial (Clock) Meter
You can find a full guide on how to read the different meter types by checking on our website:

If you can’t access your meter, you can request a meter key online by sending us your email address and SSE Airtricity account number. Once we receive your details we'll send you a free meter key within 14 days.

  • Online: Login to My SSE Airtricity and you can submit the reading under the Meter Readings section.
  • Web Chat: You can log on to our live web chat service on the home page of our website. . You will see the ‘Start chat’ button which you can click to start chatting with one of us and submit your reading.
  • @sseairhelp: Please DM us your details and we can submit your reading for you
  • Phone (Electricity): Call ESB Networks on 1850 337 777 with your MRPN number
  • Phone (Gas): Call Gas Networks Ireland on 1850 427 732 with your GPRN number
  • SMS (Electricity): Text ESB Networks on 087 960 9223 with your MRPN number: (INSERT) Name (INSERT A SPACE) Address (INSERT SPACE) Meter reading (SEND)
And you can always call on 1850 40 40 70 from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and one of our agents will be happy to help you get your reading submitted.
You can find more information on our website:
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