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I have no Power

04.07.2016 15:54 #1
If your house has no electricity, here are a few simple checks to do before deciding who to call.
If you have no power in your house, you can follow these steps:
1.      Check if your trip switch is in the 'on' position or if your fuses have blown. If your trip switch has operated or a fuse has blown, turn off all your appliances before resetting the switch or replacing the fuse.
2.      Check if your neighbours are without power, or if your street lighting is not working. If this is the case, there could be an outage in the area.
3.      If you think there may be an outage, you can check the ESB Networks Power Check site:
4.      If you can’t see an outage listed for your area on this site, you can call ESB Networks on Phone 1850 372 999 to report a service interruption.
5.      If you are unsure on any of this or if you think the issue could be related to your account, give us a call on 1850 40 40 70, chat to us here: and we will be happy to help you.
Prepay Meter
If you have an electricity prepay meter and you have no power, check to make sure you have enough credit. This can be done by pressing number 1 on your keypad.
If you are out of credit, you can log on to our website to buy a top up.
If you have credit and you still have no power, you can follow our guide above.

For gas prepay meters, top ups can be bought at Payzone outlets nationwide. Gas top ups are currently not available online.
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