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Energy Saving Tips

04.07.2016 15:53 #1
Everyone needs power; it is a staple of life. But, we don’t necessarily need to use all the power we consume. Here are a few tips for improving your power consumption and lowering your energy bills.
·        Appliances that generate heat such as dryers, dishwashers and kettles can use a lot of energy. Try using the dryer or dishwasher more sparingly (or with larger loads) or putting less water in the kettle if just making a cup of tea.  
·        Keeping things cold can also demand a lot of power, so if your fridge/freezer is not working properly, this can lead to higher bills. Build-up of ice can be a sign it may need to be serviced.
·       Electronics can still use power when plugged in and not turned off. Make sure you turn off any sockets when the appliance is not in use.
·      Phone chargers can even use 50% of the power for charging while not connected to the phone. Make sure to turn off the socket or unplug the charger.
·      Home heating can be one of the biggest contributors to energy bills. Reducing your thermostat by one degree can save you up to 10% on the energy you use for your heating!
·        You can also take control over your heating system by setting timers to come on thirty minutes before you arrive home rather than an hour. This can reduce the heating cost heating an unoccupied home for a shorter time.
·       All appliances have an energy efficiency rating. These range from A (for the most efficient) to G (for the least efficient). While G rated appliances will be cheaper to buy, you’ll likely spend a lot more than the difference with an A appliance over the life-cycle of the appliance.

For more info on energy saving, you can visit our website where we have a lot more tips for saving you money.

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