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Large item scams?

05.04.2016 10:33 #1
Registered User
New seller selling a large household item as their first ad for few hundred euro. No previous seller/buyer ratings.  The item is up for sale on a different selling website for half the price and the ad was put up nearly two weeks ago (a week before Adverts ad).   They may be offering delivery for extra charge. 

Item could have been sold on different website and now being resold at higher price on Adverts by different seller or item could have been incorrectly put up on different website by same seller etc.  All could be totally innocent ads. 

Should a prospective buyer be concerned? I have heard of scams on rental properties and mobile phones and laptops etc but on large household items?
05.04.2016 10:43 #2
Verified representative
With new sellers, people have to start somewhere. That said, could you please report the ad and we'll look at it there.
05.04.2016 11:05 #3
Registered User
Thanks Eddie, my thoughts exactly. I didn't want to tarnish a newbie unnecessarily by even reporting it in case I was missing something. Sure they could have just used the photos from a different advert etc. 
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06.04.2016 11:13 #4
Registered User
Actually what category would you report something like this under?
06.04.2016 11:16 #5
Verified representative
I think "Inappropriate Material" would be best there.
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