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seller not replying after payment

30.03.2016 18:24 #1
Hi i paid for 2 phones from seller Imwak ,check my account for details,I paid then via online transfer to their account as they had good feedback i thought all would be ok.They said they hadnt received on monday but it might be delayed due to bank holiday.I tried to contact them today as im sure they received the money by now.Anyhow they are not replying to my messages and their account now seems empty ,no ads or no comments.So im not sure if i have been scammed.Do you have a contact number for them as i have no contact details or address details.Can you contact them ,has their account been suspended or what ,They dont have my name and address details and im not sure if they can still contact me  as this all happened before i could give then my details.Can you help with this please
31.03.2016 22:28 #2
Buying the internet, one box at a time
Please drop us an email on on this
1 thank
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