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Please read: Do you know someone has a DRUM SET that they dont use?

29.03.2016 22:21 #1

I have a friend his name is ''Mickey'' He has a downsyndrome his about on late 30's. I work with him in different workshop in Camphill Community. He had a two drum sticks that he always play in the air while rock music on play. Since I start working with him 2015 till present. I always wanted to give him a drum set but as a volunteer in Camphill I couldn't afford. I was trying to use this adverts maybe someone could give his spare drumset even if its old or broke. I can fix it.

Guys please help me to give this man joy on his life and enjoy the music.
30.03.2016 10:32 #2
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Thanks for posting. This is the Support Forum for, if you'd like to place a 'Wanted' ad on our website, you can do it here:
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30.03.2016 17:50 #3
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Please list an ad for that and post a link here. I'll add it to Facebook and tweet it as well.
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