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24.03.2016 18:25 #1
Registered User

I ordered an ipad pro tempered glass screen protector and received some plastic film in between cardboard. This is not the tempered glass screen protector i ordered and paid a premium for.

I contacted him and was told the actual product was going to be posted out. This is now over a week ago.

The ad has been withdraw and the user hasn't been online since. Another user posted negative feedback where they paid for an item and it never arrived.

How can I report this scam artist? How can i proceed with a chargeback? I do not want to chargeback as it might negatively impact them. We should chargeback  the seller.

I need assistance please.
24.03.2016 20:12 #2
Registered User
How did you pay?
24.03.2016 20:51 #3
Registered User
Originally posted by 893bet
How did you pay?

paypal! I have just started a dispute.
25.03.2016 09:34 #4
Verified representative
Hi, it's good that you used PayPal there too. Could you email with the details please?
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