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Infrastructural development

11.03.2016 20:56 #1
As a long suffering user of sub-par roads in the south west, I'd like to ask what the party's stand is on the appalling capital investment in this country, particularly in transport infrastructure.

The current infrastructure is buckling at the seems in may places.

What is your plan for developing roads such as the M20 Cork-Limerick, N21 Limerick-Tralee & N22 Tralee-Cork?

Also I would like to ask your stance on the Atlantic corridor consisting of the N25 Cork-Waterford, aforementioned M20 Cork-Limerick, N17 Galway-Sligo, N15 & N13 Sligo-Derry. Travel times on these routes are ridiculous in addition to the stifling of economic development that they bring, the safety issues they have & the suffering involved in towns & villages along the route.
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12.03.2016 14:50 #2
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There's a specific reference to the road infrastructure needs in Munster on  

Originally posted by SocDems website
Delivering new road infrastructure where there is a critical need, e.g. a high-grade connection between Cork, Limerick and Galway

but that must be viewed in the context of an overall SocDems strategy that prioritises public transport, and broad strategies that reduce the time people waste sitting in unhealthy traffic.

There may be initiatives that your local group is looking at.  Obviously it's tough for a new group to implement large infrastructure but sometimes a committed group can achieve council initiatives like park & rides & improving adherence to planning guidelines by monitoring decisions.   Your local group is at
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