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Net Neutrality

26.02.2016 22:16 #1
The King of Rabbits
Hi SocDems.  Best of luck with the results tomorrow.  I can tell I don't agree with all of your policies, but I think overall you're a very welcome addition to Irish politics.  I know quite a lot of my friends gave you a vote or transfer (as did I).

I was curious to know if there's any definite stance on Net Neutrality in the party?
10.04.2016 17:57 #2
Registered User
I've not seen anything about this in the manifesto, but the SocDem volunteers that I've met at meetings so far would be very strong supporters of Net Neutrality (counting only the small proportion that are aware of it as an issue).

You might find some background info in this joint statement from Donnelly/Murphy around "SOPA Ireland" when Sherlock tried to ram through the SI. http://stephendonnelly...s-sopa-law/ 

This page shows some of the debate between Sherlock and Donnelly (Sherlock ignored Donnelly of course)

The Oireachtas website has been reorganised making the 'link to the full debate' dead and a quick search on for a unique phrase from the debate gives no results... obviously you can put a bit more effort in if you're interested.
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