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Dublin Underground and and Ireland's rail infrastructure

25.02.2016 10:18 #1
Could the Social Democrats offer their policies on this topic. 

As someone that commutes into Dublin, I find the punctuality of buses to be very unreliable and have got slapped around the wrists for being late a few times. This, of course, is due to traffic, something that rail doesn't have to contend with, particularly with an underground infrastructure.

I honestly don't believe Fine Gael want to start this project in their next term, which instantly loses my vote.
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25.02.2016 14:03 #2
The Social Democrats believe that where a public transport system is well planned and efficiently run, the economic and social benefits that come about cannot be overstated. With a well-run, extensive system, only in rare cases should it become necessary to close a route. Buses have been the workhorse of our transport system since the decline of rail usage and there is a strong economic and social argument to continue to invest and provide a high quality bus network. Return on sound public transport investment should also be measured in decades – much of Ireland’s heavy rail infrastructure was built in the 19th and early 20th centuries and is still used every day. While it is vital that we invest in high & medium capacity rail solutions like DART Underground, improving our intercity network, electrification and tram expansion to move people off the roads; we must also look to see how our extensive bus network can be improved and made ready for population growth in the future. Solutions like Bus Rapid Transit must form an essential part of that planning.
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