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Someone needs to break the ice, so...

14.02.2016 21:41 #1
...good luck in the election.
15.02.2016 12:27 #2
The very day the Social Democrats have launched their party on 15. July 2015, I´ve started a thread on that one and it is still running on the politics forum.

Since then, not very much participating in that thread (which was started under my previous user account), I´ve rarely had a look into it. Now, the number of members appearing on their homepage has grown.

Being a Social Democrat myself and had to witness that the old Social Democratic parties are even more on the decline of support because they once found it necessary to abandon their grass roots during the "Tony Blair New Labour Hype", those Socialist/Social Democratic and Labour Parties have lost their ability to take the people with them. Just look around (Western) Europe and see what happened to them in the past years. In the UK, the Labour Party has been taken over by the far-left Marxists Corbyn, in France the Socialists have to face the cold wind blowing in their faces from the far-right Front National who is more and more gaining votes from the electorate, in Germany, the SPD is run by a re-elected chairman who in one moment says one thing and in the other he contradicts himself in regards of what he´s said before. In Austria, the Chancellor (himself the Chairman of the SPÖ, also Social Democrats) who was one of the "great supporters" of Merkel in her plans of setting up refugee contingents across the EU, had to comply to the demands of his conservative coalition partner to set up an annual limit to incoming refugee numbers.

I´ve noticed, for plenty of times that the Irish Labour Party is suffering from being the junior partner in that FG/LAP coalition like the SPD in Germany faces similar problems as being the junior partner of Merkel´s cabinet too. That is just a side show because what they both are lacking is to be genuine in their policies and they both have lost touch to their own traditional voters.

May this new founded Social Democratic Party in Ireland be and continue on the way of success and at least gain as much votes in this GE to have many of their candidates elected to the Dáil so that the Labour Party might start to think about the reasons for her own failings and the rising of the Social Democrats. I know that the latter are a young party, but they might have the fortune of more success by being genuine and not abandoning their principles for the sake of power, like the others did for so long.
I do hope to see the Social Democrats becoming an alternative to the Labour Party and of course the Shinners of Gerry Adams Sinn Féin.

Good luck to the Social Democrats.
15.02.2016 15:31 #3
Registered User
We only have main party candidates in Laois,, I will most likely vote SF, but I would have been nice to have an SD candidate as well..
15.02.2016 15:45 #4
Registered User
There are no Candidates in Dublin South West, unfortunately the area is void of good candidates from all parties for the election.  I wish you well in this election and i hope that this is the steps towards a new type of party for Ireland. For new politics to come forward we need new parties. Best of luck to all involved.
16.02.2016 00:46 #5
Thanks folks!
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