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Favourite German Cities to Visit in January 2016!

12.11.2015 14:46 #1
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While the majority of Irish tourists visiting Germany flock to the Capital,  many of our favourite German cities are often overlooked. Don’t miss out on all that Munich, Cologne and Dusseldorf have to offer – fantastic value-for-money, cosmopolitan shopping, world-class attractions and unique customs that give each city a distinct local flavour are surely enough to lure you away from  “Boomtown” Berlin. We’ve summarised the best and brightest aspects of our favourite German cities below in the blog post by our in-house blogger- Anna Sweeney ( blog has been awarded Bronze Award in Irish blog Awards 2015 last month!)
CLICK HERE to read more about favourite German cities

FRANKFURT from €199 pps ( 3 nights + flights) - click HERE
BERLIN from €199 pps (3 nights +flights) - click HERE
DUSSELDORF from €199 pps ( 3 nights + flights) - click HERE
MUNICH from €229 pps ( 3 nights + flights) - click HERE 

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