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Address Error

28.10.2015 13:30 #1
Registered User
Hi there, I just placed an order VOR14499433.  In my account info the full address is there for both shipping and invoice address (both are the same) but in the actual order details and on the invoice part of the address is missing. Can this be fixed before the order ships? if so how?

Thanks, FLyingsnail
30.10.2015 09:16 #2
Hi Flyingsnail,

It is correct that your address doesn't show fully, that's unfortunately something linked to our internal systems. I can however tell you that everything is listed in our system and it should be no issue with shipping at all

It has been shipped in any case and should arrive at your doorstep soon, early next week most likely.

Best regards,

Komplet Webcare
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