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PLEASE HELP delivery problems

28.10.2015 12:10 #1
So i checked today my tracking on ups and instead of it saying expected delivery 29th. it now says Scheduled delivery information is not available at this time. Please check back later. 

in the activity it also says This delivery address is in a remote area where deliveries are not made daily.

My order number is VOR14495140

please help and how long will it take until its delivered and is there any chance of it being delivered on the 29th like it said before :confused:
30.10.2015 08:51 #2
Hi Karqinis,

I've just had a quick look and saw that the delivery was made on the 29th eventhough it stated it could be otherwise. I take it you've therefore received the package and everything is in order. Enjoy your product!

Best regards,

Komplett Webcare
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