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15.04.2019 18:39 #16
Hi davindub,

Thank you for your message.

Originally posted by davindub
Originally posted by Irish Water: Daniel V
Hi davindub,

Thank you for your message.

Originally posted by davindub
Originally posted by Irish Water: Niamh
Hi FishOnABike,
Originally posted by FishOnABike
I've read this and I'm still none the wiser as the explanation conflates the terms 'public/private property' and 'public/private side'.

From the OP's description the leak appears to be downstream of the meter but still outside their property boundary, underneath the public footpath.

Is it Irish Water's responsibility to repair a leak as described above?

Thanks for your query.

Please see this link for information on the First Fix scheme which includes an image of the pipe responsibility layout. If the leak is occurring on the external supply pipe, this would be a private side leak; however, if OP is eligible, this leak may be resolved using the First Fix scheme.


Hi Niamh,

Can you please post the eligibility criteria???

You are eligible for the First Fix Free scheme if you are a domestic customer with:

- A confirmed leak on your external supply pipe;
- An Irish water meter installed on your property;
- Are connected to the public water mains; and
- Have a working and accessible inside stop valve.


Thank you Daniel. 

I had already confirmed the below information with Irish Water:
  • There is a leak on the private side but external to the house (I am not a qualified plumber but the leak is actually visible), I dug up the leak and traced it under the public footpath.
  • There is a water meter
  • I am connected to the mains supply
  • And there is a working stop valve.


I am trying to make sense of what the inspection already carried out was, I was not contacted in advance of the visit, nor was I present at the time they called out, if this was the first fix inspection, it did not comply with your advertised process which states I would have to be present. Hence, I would like to know

a) What was this inspection - was it a pre-pre-inspection call out or was it the first fix pre-inspection?
b) What criteria was used by the private contractor to determine it was not eligible for the first fix campaign.


Can you PM us with the following details and a member of our team will look into this matter for you?

- Name;
- Contact number;
- Address, including the county; and
- Reference number (if applicable).

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