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'Nothing will change' – Please!

30.03.2015 21:58 #1
Registered User
I see this as the tag line all over the place, but it's simply not the case. 

I had a data add on for my pay as you go account... but it has mysteriously vanished, and I've been charged €30 in the last two days for data. Low and behold, even though I am now a three customer, I can't actually go on to the €20 'All you can eat' package. 

I chat on the Three site, and 'Maj' tells me, after I have explained my data add on is gone, and I have been charged €30 for data in the space of a few hours, "Don't worry, nothing on your account will change" – clearly copy / pasting off a script, because had they of read what I said, they would see something has changed – and cost me a relative fortune in such a small space of time. 

So, seeing as I was getting nowhere chatting to a script, I went to the Three store in Blanchardstown. They tell me I need a Three sim-card in order to get the plan. Then they tell me my phone is locked. It is, to O2 .... the company I was with before... you know... but nothing needs to change. They take the IMEI number off my phone, charge me €20 for the sim-card and send me on my way.

Then I get a text today saying the IMEI can not be found in their records. The phone was purchased by my partner in the Swords Pavilions O2 shop on the 28th of September 2012. Their records need to be updated (or 'changed').

So, while you guys saying 'nothing will change' – a lot has changed, including €50 out of my pocket, and a serious amount of hassle. This whole thing is a mess, from the add-on being lost, to the mind-numbingly silly script-based 'support', to have this silly policy of needing to change sim-card to get things that three customers (as I now am) had. Clearly stuff does need to change.
31.03.2015 10:44 #2
Hi boreder, I will look at this here for you. Can you pop me a message with your name, address, date of birth, number & the imei code of your phone.

Thanks, Linda.
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