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Unlocking o2 phone

26.03.2015 14:21 #1
Registered User

I have an old iphone i want to get unlocked.

My grand daughter in the uk gave it to me 

She cannot remember the original phone number but remembers it was a contract phone.

Can I get this phone unlocked? O2 say no, not without the original number

Thank you
26.03.2015 14:28 #2
Is it an O2UK phone? If so they would need to be contacted with the IMEI of the handset and other details
26.03.2015 14:37 #3
Registered User

Yes it is O2UK , I got in touch with them for a webchat and I gave them the emei number and other info .

but they are telling me that i cannot get it unlocked if I dont have the original number , and I dont.
26.03.2015 15:35 #4
Sorry we wouldn't be able to request unlock codes for other network handsets.
27.03.2015 01:07 #5
Registered User
Thank you for replying
27.03.2015 11:00 #6
Originally posted by jnay
Thank you for replying

You're welcome :)
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