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We’re moving to Talk to: Three

25.03.2015 22:41 #1
Once you move to the Talk to: Three will the hours they support be extended to weekends and more per day? now they only support 6h per day 10-4 and no weekend, on the Talk to: O2  we have 13h per day (Double the hours Three offers now) also on weekends o2 and 8:30h on weekend each day.

Lets hope hours on the Talk to: Three are extended :)

26.03.2015 08:26 #2
Registered User
But don't worry, nothing will change!
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28.03.2015 17:43 #3
Hi Guys

The Three: Reps will be available on our talk to : Three forum from 10.00am-18.00pm Monday to Friday. We will also be available on Twitter @Threecare and Three Ireland Facebook along with the Three Community from 9am-10pm Monday to Friday and 10.30am-7pm Saturday and Sunday.
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