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4G bands

23.03.2015 14:01 #16
Originally posted by Walkman
Originally posted by theShire
Is there any info on what bands will be used for 4G when it becomes available in June.
The original licence was for the 800, 900, 1800mhz frequencies.
Three uses 1800 and the other networks use 800 & 1800.
What frequencies will o2 use? Will the 900 frequency be used?
Have to buy a new phone and need to make sure my next handset will be compatible with the 4G network

You've answered your own question. O2 is gone it's now 3 and 3 use 1800 for 4G and 900(limited to rural areas)/2100 for 3G

I definitely hope he hasn't answered. O2 is gone as in it is part of Three. Meaning Three could either use the bands they purchased or the ones O2 purchased or all of them (but I assume ComReg will force them to release some of these).

1800 is all fine to deliver faster speeds outdoors in densely populated areas, but isn't great to cover long distances and penetrate buildings. I definitely hope Three will make use of the lower frequencies they acquired with O2.
28.03.2015 17:16 #17
Registered User
Originally posted by Three: Lisa
Originally posted by Truckermal
Hi just wondering had O2 a 4G network in place and not switched on before the takeover or will every O2 customer be using the current 3 network?? If its the latter nobody will have any sort of decent data speeds..


Thanks for getting in touch.

Thanks for your query. We’re excited that our superfast 4G network will be available to all former O2 customers in areas where it is currently available. We will then continue to grow our 4G footprint throughout the country.

Are you going to answer the question please don't give another scripted answer. 
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