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O2 and Three are coming together to create a stronger network

26.02.2015 17:37 #1
O2 and Three are coming together to create a stronger network. So what will it mean for you? As an O2 customer, you’ll be glad to know that all the benefits you already have will stay the same, and you’ll still enjoy the same award-winning Irish-based customer care as before.
The contract you have, and its terms and conditions will remain as is. If you have a price plan, the name might change, but what you get from it will stay exactly the same. And don’t worry; there’ll be no change to your phone number or SIM card.
So what does this mean for the Talk to O2 forum here on Over the coming months, we’ll be welcoming O2 customers into the Three family and we will be doing the same here in the community. We’ll be moving our support on to the Talk to 3 forum. Until then, we’ll continue to keep you updated here. Rest assured that for now you can still contact our team here in the same way you always have, and as always, we will be happy to help you with any questions you might have.
You can find more useful information here 
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