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Looking to upgrade

25.02.2015 18:43 #1

I'm out of contract with O2 and looking to upgrade to iPhone 6 16GB - they're all out of stock on the site however and none of the stores I've tried have them

Looking at Three - they do have them in stock with a better plan offer, although phone is 10e more.

My friends and family are all still on O2 - if I change over to Three, will Three to O2 calls be free?
Or should I wait until I'm officially changed from O2 to Three (avoiding any porting issues)

On a similar note - what's going to happen when everything officially changes, what happens my O2 online account? Will I have to set up a Three online account?

Apologies if these have already been asked, I checked but couldn't be sure
25.02.2015 20:21 #2

You'll still be able to access your O2 online account in the same way as before. From March, will be changing to but you'll still be able to log in with your same username/password etc. From March also, you'll be able to use free on network minutes within your plan. I don't have details about when the iPhone is due to come back into stock  but if you wanted to wait a week or so before switching we should have more info for you. 
25.03.2015 16:27 #3
Hi there just wondering if I'm due an upgrade ?
25.03.2015 17:01 #4
Originally posted by Dublin plumbing
Hi there just wondering if I'm due an upgrade ?

Hi Dublin plumbing,

Can you pop me a message with your number. I'll check this out for you now. 

26.03.2015 22:57 #5
Hi Lisa

Could you pm me first , it won't allow me to pm you .
27.03.2015 10:52 #6
Originally posted by Dublin plumbing
Hi Lisa

Could you pm me first , it won't allow me to pm you .

Hi Dublin plumbing, you should be able to pm us from here. Thanks, Linda.
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