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Next day collection - why is this not possible?

01.11.2014 13:17 #1
Registered User
Hi there!
If you show an item as 'Available to ship' on your website (which I interpret as 'In stock'), and I decide to collect it myself from your Park West location, why can I not collect it the next day? Why does it take a few days for my item to be ready for collection?

Is your warehouse located off-site?

Thanks in advance!
01.11.2014 13:22 #2
Registered User
Its because they don't stock most items themselves but order it from a main supplier as required 
i.e when you place your order. 

Kind of like drop shipping. 
2 thanks
03.11.2014 10:47 #3
They get sent to the collection warehouse when ordered, so has a leadtime on them.
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