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Faulty PSU

10.04.2014 02:39 #1
Registered User
I've been asked to bring my PC in because I'm not being believed that my PSU bought from Elara doesn't work with my PC. The PSU seems to work with the workshop rig in the warehouse. I can't do this because I work on it and I'm doing a course at the moment. I have in the meantime bought a replacement psu (modular - same make) and it works fine. I would like a refund for the one that doesn't work. Is this wrong?
10.04.2014 10:22 #2
If your PSU has been tested and working at our office then the PSU would not be considered faulty. There
can be many reasons why the PSU is not working in your computer which is not caused by a faulty PSU. We can determine what is wrong with your setup if you would like us to bring the unit into us.

Please contact returns with your order number if you would like to arrange this.
10.04.2014 15:07 #3
Registered User
I already brought it back twice.
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