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24.03.2014 16:12 #1
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Thanks a million
O2 Team
26.07.2014 22:19 #2
Worst network ever. Internet is slow. Even slower than Tesco mobile. I had a problem couldnt make no calls or take calls on and off but o2 just kept saying they see nothing wrong and its my phone after a week of changing nothing there is no problem with calls anymore.
05.02.2015 15:59 #3
Just off the phone from O2 and after 15years of beening a loyal customer I get more or less told goodluck, I've been looking to move to bill pay but The Internet deals with O2 are awful. The online deal which is 39.75 per month you get 500 texts and calls, freedom o2 to O2 texts and calls but here's what is ****, you only get 1GB of data and for €5 extra u get upgraded to 2GB (still awful). What I was asking for since I've been with O2 for so long was more Internet and maybe less texts and calls but all I got was no goodluck, with 3 three you get for €40.66 per month is flexi units of 350, unlimited internet & three to three texts and calls plus free customer care. So the point of this rant is I will be moving from O2 to three and very disapointed in O2.
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