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RMAing gfx card

10.02.2014 16:02 #1
Registered User
One of my 290x has started artifacing on boot + wont boot into windows.
Has happened in the past with other cards i assume this is the point of requiring an RMA.

Is this the type of one that i should just go straight to the manufacturer with ?
10.02.2014 16:13 #2
Graphics cards are replaced by us generally so if you could fill in a returns for online from your account menu we will get that processed.
1 thank
21.03.2014 03:55 #3
Registered User
Wow this was a long time ago. Any update on my RMA ?

and another part died too :(
21.03.2014 10:04 #4
Please email returns for a RMA update and also fill in a returns form for the new item that is faulty.
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