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04.12.2013 14:16 #1 Community Manager
Please find some Frequently Asked Questions answered here by SUSI for you.
Check that the answer to your query is not here before starting a new thread in the forum.

Thanks :)

1. Eligibility
2. Applying
3. Documents
4. Payments and Registration
5. Appealing and Review
6. Technical Issues
04.12.2013 14:17 #2 Community Manager
1. Eligibility

How do I know if I'm eligible for the grant?

You will need to be assessed in order to know if you are eligible but some criteria needed is as follows:

You need to prove residence in Ireland or the EU for 3 out of the last 5 years,
You need to be progressing in your education,
You need to be under the income threshold, these are the main criteria you need to be eligible.
Also check and for further information.

What is progression?
Progression means you are moving forward through your education i.e. moving from a PLC course to an Undergraduate course.

Please see the Progression table:
• Level 5 – Post Leaving Certificate - PLC
• Level 6 – Post Leaving Certificate - PLC
• Level 6 – Higher Certificate - Undergraduate
• Level 7 – Ordinary Degree - Undergraduate
• Level 8 – Bachelor Degree - Undergraduate
• Level 8 – Higher Diploma - Postgraduate
• Level 9 – Higher Diploma - Postgraduate
• Level 9 – Masters - Postgraduate
• Level 10 – Doctorate (PHD) - Postgraduate

How can I get the Special Rate of the grant?
In order to receive the Special Rate of the grant, the reckonable income has to be under €22,703 and must include a Social Welfare payment. You can find the pre-approved list of payments here on page 38.

Can you please explain funding for Field Trips?
Students may be requested as part of their studies to engage in a compulsory field trip, an integral part of a course. Students in receipt of a student grant for the 2013/2014 academic year are eligible for a grant in respect of specific costs incurred on such a compulsory field trip. This is to say, if the student does not do this field trip, they will fail their course.
You can find all Field Trip information here:

What stamp do I need to hold in order to apply?
If you are an immigrant living in Ireland you will need to supply us with the following documents:
(1) Copy of your passport or travel documents
(2) Copy of your Garda National Immigration Bureau card
(3) Letter from the Department of Justice clearly outlining your permission to remain in the country.

How do I prove my nationality?
You will need to supply one or more of the following: an Irish birth certificate (if you were born on the island of Ireland), a copy of your passport, a national identity card issued by an EU member state, a certificate of naturalization, a foreign birth’s registration certificate.
04.12.2013 14:18 #3 Community Manager
2. Applying

How can I amend my application?

If you need to make amendments to your application please email with the amendments and your W reference number. You can amend your email address yourself on the home page of

How long does the grant process take?
The SUSI grants assessment process has three main stages:

• Initial assessment by SUSI
• Documents requested from student
• Final assessment by SUSI

Each stage of the process takes 3 to 4 weeks on average. Most applications are expected to take 12 weeks overall from beginning to end before the payment stage is reached.
See this link to read more about the processing stage and to read about the payments stage which follows.

Remember delays in returning your documents will result in delays in your application.

Can you please explain the statuses in the tracker?

Tracker StatusOverview of Status

Application received and is being checkedAwaiting Provisional Assessment. Your application is being reviewed to check if you are eligible.

Document schedule (checklist) issued to applicant Awaiting Supporting Documentation. Based on your application SUSI deem you possibly eligible for the grant, now we require documents to confirm your application information.

Document Schedule Received Post Received. We have received post from you.

Documentation received and will be checked by SUSI This is at Pre-assessment. We will check that all documents requested on the checklist are present.

Documents checked - Documentation submitted incomplete. Letter issued requesting outstanding item(s) Incomplete - of the documents requested some were not present or were incorrect, we will issue an incomplete letter requesting the missing or correct documents.

Additional Information Requested Under Query - further documents required. You have submitted all the documents but upon further assessment, something extra is needed.

Sent for Final Assessment Awaiting Review. All documents have been furnished, we will now assess the documents.

Provisionally awarded pending receipt and review of course acceptance details Provisionally Awarded (Awaiting FCA). Based on your documents and application, SUSI deem you eligible for the grant and you must now complete the Final Course Acceptance form.

Provisionally awarded pending receipt and review of course acceptance details from the CAO Provisionally Awarded (Awaiting CAO Opt-in). Based on your documents and application, SUSI deem you eligible for the grant and we must now await for the CAO to confirm you have accepted your place in college.

Awarded Awarded. Your grant has been finalised and SUSI have deemed you eligible for the grant.

Application Refused Refused. Based on all the information provided you have not been deemed eligible for the grant.

Application Cancelled You may request us to cancel your application if you are not proceeding with your studies or for some other reason. Ultimately all incomplete applications will be cancelled on the closure of the scheme later in the year. Due notice of this move will be given.

Under Audit Under Audit. We will randomly select applications to ensure they were processed correctly.

Appeal Form has been received Appealed to SUSI. An appeals form has been submitted and it is in the queue of an appeals officer awaiting assessment.

Appeal successful. This application will be reassessed Appeal Upheld. Based on the grounds of your appeal, SUSI have decided to review your application again.

Appeal unsuccessful Appeal to SUSI Rejected. Based on the grounds of your appeal, SUSI have rejected the request to assess your application again.

What does escalation mean?
If you have a query or problem with your application, a SUSI agent will send your query to the relevant department within SUSI to have it investigated, we will then respond with the update.

How do I apply for the grant?
In order to apply for the grant you need to log on to, register an account and then you will be able to complete and submit an application. If you have issues logging in, i.e. forgotten login details etc, please email with your W reference number, D.O.B., address, mother's maiden name, your email address and give a brief description of the problem.

What does Provisionally Awarded mean and what happens next?
Provisionally Awarded means that based on your application and your documents SUSI deem you eligible for the grant. The next stage is to confirm your course is approved and that you are not repeating a period of study already completed. The final stage after this is to calculate your award and issue the award letter.

How can I cancel my grant?
If you wish to cancel your grant please email with your request and your W reference number and also include the reason why you need to cancel your application.

Where do I get a PPS Number?
If you need a PPS number you can contact the Department of Social Protection, Client Identity Services (CIS).
Please contact them here:

Client Identity Services,
Department of Social and Family Affairs,
Social Welfare Services,
Shannon Lodge,
Co. Leitrim.

How do I contact SUSI?
You can ring our HelpDesk on 0761 087874.
SUSI's HelpDesk is available 9.00am - 8.00 Mon-Fri and 10.00am - 1.00pm Saturdays.
We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter page @susihelpdesk. You can also email our HelpDesk at
Our Twitter and Facebook pages are open 9.00am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri
04.12.2013 14:23 #4 Community Manager
3. Documents

When do documents have to be returned?

If documents are needed the return date will be different for each applicant but typically you are given 3 weeks to return your documents. You will find the document deadline date on the third page of the checklist you receive.
Remember you should return photocopies of all the requested documents at the same time in the pre-addressed envelope, supplied with your document request pack, as soon as possible.
At the latest you should return them by the return date on your document pack letter.
If you are having difficulties getting a specific document let us know by emailing the SUSI support desk at

If my documents will be late, what should I do?
If you know you will not be able to return all the documents together by the deadline date, please contact SUSI and keep them updated.
Late documents will be accepted but your application cannot be processed without them and the 12 week processing timeframe will no longer be available to you. Ultimately all incomplete applications will be cancelled when the scheme is closed later this year but full and due notice of this will be given.

What is the return address for my documents?
The return address for documents is PO Box 12210, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

What is the correct postage needed for my documents?

The cost for returning the SUSI A4 pre-addressed envelope is a minimum of €1.05. Please check with your post office if you are unsure.

What documents are needed for proof of separation?
In order to prove separation you will need a bill from each parent's household if the separation is informal. Otherwise the legal separation document will suffice.

Where do I find the HSE and SW Statements?
We do not have forms for the HSE and Social Welfare statements. You can request a statement from either body, it just needs to include the type of payment, the weekly amount, the annual amount and when the payments began and stopped, if applicable.

How can I prove independent residence?
You can prove Independent Residence using the following documents:
Utility Bills, Lease Agreements, PRTB Letters, Television Licences, Mortgage Supplement Statements, Rent Allowance Statements.
If your documents are in your partners name then send a copy of your marriage cert with the documents or if unmarried/cohabitating a copy of a joint assesment form, e.g. from Revenue.
04.12.2013 14:30 #5 Community Manager
4. Payments and Registration

When do payments start?
The payments begin in October and run monthly until June. You can find the payment schedule here:

PLC and Higher Education colleges will have different pay days. Ensure you enter your bank details/credit union details online at to ensure we can release the payment to you.

What do I need for college registration?
You only need to bring your W reference number with you (ideally on SUSI headed paper) on registration day. SUSI will contact all colleges to confirm each student has registered.

Do I need to send anything to show what College I'm attending?
If you have accepted your course through the CAO and have given permission for the CAO to contact us you will not need to send anything to confirm where you will be attending college.

If you are not going through the CAO you will need to send a Final Course Acceptance Form (FCA) form. You can complete this form online through the following link:

Where do I enter my bank details?
If you log on to on the left hand side of the home page you will find the option to enter your details there.
We are now paying the maintenance grant to Credit Unions. You can check if your Credit Union has been pre-approved here:

Do I need to enter my bank details again if I submitted them already?
If you entered your bank details during the previous academic year you do not need to re-enter them this year unless we ask you to.

How can I change my bank details?
If you need to change your bank details, please email with your contact details. We will then contact you directly to obtain the new bank details (i.e. do not put your details in an email unless we ask you to).
04.12.2013 14:33 #6 Community Manager
5. Appealing and Review

How can I appeal?
If you wish to appeal your grant you will need to download the following form
If you have already appealed using this form and you wish to appeal the outcome of that appeal you will find the form through the same link. The second appeal is assessed by the Student Grants Appeal Board.

Do I have to appeal my award?
No. If you think you deserved the special rate, if you received adjacent and you felt it should have been non-adjacent or you have had a change of circumstance then you can email and request they review your case again and include the reason why.
Any other reasons that you feel the award is incorrect will need an appeals form submitted to request a re-assessment. If you do need to appeal you can find the form here:
04.12.2013 14:34 #7 Community Manager
6. Technical Difficulties

I'm having technical difficulties
If you are having problems with our system please ensure you have logged on to and not the old version
Also if you are using Google Chrome please ensure it is the latest version.
If neither of these tips resolves your issue, please contact our HelpDesk and we will get our IT Department to investigate the matter further.

You can ring our HelpDesk on 0761 087874.
SUSI's HelpDesk is available Monday - Friday 9.00am - 6.00pm.
We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter page @susihelpdesk. You can also email our HelpDesk at
Our Twitter and Facebook pages are open 9.00am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri.
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