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How long does it take for BOI underwriter to approval a mortgage?

25.10.2013 13:30 #1
Hello there,

We handed in all the requried document to the mortgage advicer at a Bank of Ireland branch on Tuesday the 22nd Oct. , and we got update from her today that the application is now with the underwriter.

Can you let me know how long does it usually take for BOI to approve a mortgage?

Many thanks.
25.10.2013 14:50 #2
Hi Meinv

Thank you for contacting us on Boards and also for considering applying for your mortgage with Bank of Ireland.

You will receive an up date within 3-5 working days.

If you need any further assistance please feel free to liaise with your Mortgage Advisor in your branch or you may contact us here if you have a general query like above.

1 thank
05.11.2013 15:47 #3
Hi Alison,

Thanks for your reply, we got update from the branch mortgage adviser on Wednesday 30th Oct. that the underwriter had got back and left the final decision to the branch manger.
I appreciated they got back within a week, however as I need to update the auctioneer, etc.   I wonder will it take similar amount of time ( 3-5  working days ) for the branch manager to provide us with an update?

Many thanks.
05.11.2013 16:11 #4
Hi Meinv,

As you query is more account specific, it will be best in this case to contact the branch directly. 

I can appreciate you are anxious to know the final decision. You could mention this to the Mortgage Advisor or the Branch Manager, they will fully understand and can advise you of the time frame they will need before making a final decision.

Sorry, this time, couldn't be of more help to you. I really hope you have your decision soon.

1 thank
06.11.2013 14:11 #5
Thank you Alison for your help, hopefully they will get back to me soon.
13.11.2013 11:37 #6
Hi Alison,

I got an update from the bank last Friday Nov. 8th, that the central bank rejected the mortgage, however the bank manager and regional manager had approved and submitted an appeal on the same day. I was told there should be an update by Tuesday, but it's Wednesday now and I haven't heard anything from the bank. Do you know how long does it usually take for the appealling process to go on?

Thanks a mil
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