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The Currys PC World "Talk To" Forum Will be Closing.

27.07.2013 00:02 #31
sad day for PC world. they must be feeling the pinch. here in Sligo they are very sparse on stock..
27.07.2013 02:32 #32
Registered User
Originally posted by jomoloney
"hmm is this the first public sign of pulling out of the country? "


Jeez, personal issues with a company that provides competition to other consumer electronic businesses and therefore drives prices down?
They also create jobs and stimulate the economy. They are a benefit to everyone in Ireland regardless of whether you shop there or not, even if you don't know it.

Reading some of the comments over the years on this forum from the general public would have you scratching your head and facepalming all day long.

For people judging them for deciding to close this forum, try liaising with them via Twitter or elsewhere before you condemn them.

Declan was brilliant of course but he did too much almost, raising expectations beyond what they should have been. Since then grammar and spelling mistakes have been far too common and pulling the plug was the correct decision.

Time to moved on.
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27.07.2013 21:50 #33
Registered User
Think people are being a little harsh on the likes of Sean and Laura. Declan was great, but he's the boss he can get things done in a way that people further down the chain can't.

It's also only fair to comment that a lot of the time that Declan spent on here was his own time, people are mentioning him being online late at night and so forth. It was great that he did this, but you can't expect the likes of Sean or Laua checking in on their own time or on days off. I certainly wouldn't be doing it on my time off if I was them, instead they had to manage this forum in addition to their regular responsibilities.
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28.07.2013 17:16 #34
Registered User
To the management of curry's... (Not the wonderful reps...)

So times are bad, we get that, they are bad for everyone right now but is this really the answer?
At what point do you think it's a good idea to kill any customer service you have left on boards.Ie?

You think that's the best way of dealing with things?

You think things are bad now? Just wait till this bullcrap bites you in the butt.
01.08.2013 07:09 #35
Registered User
Just saw this now. Sad to see this forum/thread going as it was always a good source of deals and quick replies. Definitely an opening there for another electricals company to set up similar?
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