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Sky magic eye - one for all 150 pricing

14.07.2013 18:00 #1
Registered User
I went to purchase the above item in Dundalk today and it was 20.99 down from 28.99. I bought my last one a few years ago online so I thought it was very expensive. I was going to Newry anyway so said I'd have a look there...

It's £9.99... Absolutely extortionate price difference there. Any reason for it?
16.07.2013 15:17 #2
Verified representative
Hi There,

I've passed that on to the category team and their going to reduce the price from tommrrow onwards.
1 thank
23.07.2013 13:41 #3
It's now €14.99 :)
Gonna pick one up thanks to you lol

It's actually amazing how a bit of consumer feedback managed to change the price.
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