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Problem with Blackberry Playbook

13.05.2013 11:30 #1
Registered User
I bought a Blackberry Playbook last September/October. A few months back the charger stopped working, didnt really bother me as few other chargers which can charge via the micro USB on the playbook. Any recently the battery went down on the playbook and I have tried charging it up but the battery will not charge. I can use it with one of my chargers plugged in but once I unplug it the playbook will shut down within a minute due to low battery.
I have looked about and some others online have had this issue. Appears the charger is more powerful that came with it than other chargers I am using. Is it possible for playbook charger to be replaced as no longer working? No visible damage to it although feels a bit loose on connection.
Whats the process for this as find it hard to get to the store often with work.
13.05.2013 11:41 #2
Verified representative
Hi Chris,

I'm sorry to hear about the issue's you had with the tablet, If you can bring it to store the KNOWHOW team can test the orginal charger and the unit to make sure it's not damaged from the different power. If it is they can send it on to Blackberry to be replaced. You can bring it to any of our Currys or PC Worlds nationwide and most have late open hours. If you want I can check your local store hours for you.
13.05.2013 11:43 #3
Registered User
Ok grand, will drop into one of the store with the charger and receipt, will bring playbook but I think from research seems to be a charger issue. That would be the simplier issue I think. Will they be able to help with a replacement charger in the meantime? One that has the power required to charge up the playbook?
19.07.2013 11:43 #4
Registered User

i have same problem with Mirco USB, as i brough it on over two months ago in carrickmines, and start to notice it won't charge or connect to a PC, on last Sunday, i try to use Smart phone to charge on Blackberry plug, seems it's working which Playbook 64gb USB is problem

The problem I am trying to find receipt somewhere, if not how much for repair for this USB
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