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09.04.2013 15:54 #1
Keep up to date with everything here as we will post information on new Tesco Mobile offers and news.
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12.04.2013 16:25 #2
Each week we will be posting an App of the week, a Video of the week and our Handset of the week.

We're going to kick this off today with our App of the week which is a First Aid App.

It is a useful App which could help in an emergency situation. First Aid at your finger tips. Hope you don't ever need it though :)

Click the link below to see more info.

15.04.2013 14:01 #3
Each week we will be posting an app of the week, a Video of the week and our Handset of the week.

We're going to kick this off today with our video of the week which is "Everything you would like to know about the SIII handset"

Find out everything you wanted to know about the S3 here: ow.ly/k4nr7
17.04.2013 09:53 #4
Our new Pay Monthly plans have gone live on the website. We have introduced new Sim Only plans, and also made changes to our Handset plans making them very competitive. 

Here's the link if you'd like to take a peek:

17.04.2013 12:03 #5
Our great new Pay As You Go plans are now live. 

Click the link below to see more information.

18.04.2013 15:06 #6
Our handset of the week this week is the SamsungCh@t357 which is a stylish handset packed with features such as an optical trackpad, QWERTY keyboard and is WiFi enabled. It comes with a radio, camera and video and also comes with expandable memory for up to 32GB.

This currently has an online exclusive offer of €49.99, a saving of €20.

To purchase this handset or to view our handset range, visit: http://shop.tescomobil....aspx?p=145#features
19.04.2013 15:23 #7
[size=10pt]For this week’sApp of the Week, we looked at the Google Play Music app which lets you listen to your music collection anywhere. All your music is stored online, so no need to worry about syncing or storage space.[/size] You can access your entiremusic library instantly with this app and add up to 20,000 more songs from your personal music collection on your computer for free!

22.04.2013 12:39 #8
This week’s video coincides with today being Earth Day which is a day intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. To do our bit for the environment we recycle phones offering up to 500 clubcard points for each one and to cut down on paper we issue bills electronically to customers 
25.04.2013 13:51 #9
This weeks handset of the week is the Samsung Galaxy S3. 

Available in both blue and white it has an impressive Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen & 8MP camera so its perfect for all media.

It also has a powerful quad-core processor & Corning Gorilla Glass 2 for screen protection. 

Take a look here http://shop.tescomobil...playPhone.aspx?p=137
26.04.2013 12:53 #10
This weeks app of the week is Instagram, a great way of sharing pictures. 

Its available for the iPhone & Android. 

27.04.2013 15:22 #11
Great news, it’s finally here! The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available in both black and white from €99.99!

To view this handset or to make a purchase visit:

There is limited stock available so hurry!
29.04.2013 14:53 #12
Our Video of the week is showcasing the beautiful Samsung Galaxy S4

Fall in love with the Galaxy S4. Check out everything it can do right here. Available with Tesco Mobile.

29.04.2013 15:55 #13
Good news we have been nominated for the Social Media Awards 2013 www.socialmediaawards.com
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01.05.2013 16:02 #14
Our Handeset of the week this week is:
This week’s handset of the week is the Nokia Asha 201. With the online exclusive price of just €29.99 with Tesco mobile, it is a deal not to be missed! This is a super introduction to the world of smartphone with a great value price tag and the reliability and user ability that Nokia users have come to love and trust. 
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