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Declan is leaving Currys & PC World

11.02.2013 20:42 #46
Declan please stick around so that you can tell us when you're settled into a new post. I think we'd all be interested in bringing our cash in that direction too.
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11.02.2013 20:42 #47
Registered User
I never had any dealings (good or bad) on here with you but I've always kept an eye on the forum.

You managed it well, have been well informed and a credit to Currys/PC World in the way you handle your business on here

Best of luck in  the future
11.02.2013 20:56 #48
Registered User
Don't want to get too repetitive but I too think you'll be a tremendous loss to Pc World and Curry's, as well as to your customers. I've never had to get you to sort a problem for me but I was always sure that your ethos of business following the best service and price was filtering surely through the organisation.

The fact that some of your former colleagues have come on here to express their sadness and shock speaks volumes too.

I wish you very well in your future pursuits and have no doubt that you will be back to the top in the very near future.
11.02.2013 21:21 #49
Registered User
Best of Luck.
11.02.2013 21:26 #50
Registered User

Shocked at this.  Any company would have been mad to loose you.  Looking forward to doing business with what ever company you end up with.

Just adding my thanks and best wishes with all the other posters.
11.02.2013 21:28 #51
Registered User
Good luck with whatever you choose to do in the future , I feel you would be an asset to any company and I seriously doubt that you will be idle for very long .
11.02.2013 23:55 #52
I really wonder what Currys/PCW thinking is here. if they are trying to save a few quid, they will probably do themselves more harm in the long run. Pity to see Declan go.
12.02.2013 00:06 #53
Sorry to see that your going , 
I have also had the pleasure of dealing with Declan and his approach to the customer and care was the only reason I started to use Currys/PC world again.

Hope you move onto something great, you will be a great loss to the company
12.02.2013 00:27 #54
Registered User
Declan, you were the only reason I shopped in currys mahon. You will be missed, think they are making a mistake letting u depart but hope future goes well for u.
12.02.2013 00:30 #55
Thanks for your help in the past, and good luck in the future.
12.02.2013 00:43 #56
Pretty much the only reason my friends/family/I shopped in Curry's was because of Declan. We'll see what happens now. 

Insane decision to make your position in the company defunct. You're going to be a very sore loss for Curry's/PCW. 

Best of luck in your future, here's hoping you get a job with a company who recognise your outstanding customer service/care and your great work. :)
12.02.2013 00:48 #57
Registered User
I'd like to add my best wishes to Declan.

I had some dealings with you, in the run up to Christmas and I've kept an eye on this forum for the last year or so. I only realised, on the back of this thread, that you were the MD. Now I'm doubly impressed!

Take care,

12.02.2013 13:41 #58
Registered User
Best of Luck Declan and thanks for your help in the past!!!
12.02.2013 15:04 #59
Hi everyone,
As everyone can see, Declan has left the company;  one of declans many contributions  is this forum.
 I just want to reassure everyone that even though Declan may have moved on we do intend to continue with this forum and to keep the same level of service, feedback and commitment that we’ve always had. I for one believe  that this is one of the best tools we have to hear what our customers want and to get valuable feedback on what we can do to improve our customers experience in store.
I’ll have the forum charter updated in due time and I will try to respond as offten and quickly as I can.
I’d like to thank everyone here who have posted all the kind words and best wishes for Declan, and everyone here wishes him all the best of luck in the future!
Kind Regards,
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12.02.2013 15:09 #60
Originally posted by Currys PC World: Declan
I'd like to let you know that, following a restructuring of operations in Ireland, the position of Managing Director for Currys & PC World in Ireland has become redundant and I will be leaving the business - and too. This is effective immediately. I had an option to work out my notice period but I have elected to be placed on garden leave instead so I leave today. 

I would like to thank the 600 people who work for Currys & PC World, both in stores and in the head office in Carrickmines in Dublin. They are fantastic people doing a great job for customers and I have the height of adniration for what they do. I hope you will continue to give them your support and your cash !

I would, of course, also like to thank everyone who has contributed to this forum over the last 3 years. Boards has been informative, fun and hugely rewarding for me. I am extremely grateful to all of you for your questions and challenges. I am quite sure it has made us a better retailer. 

As I no longer work for the business, this is my last post and my account will be closed from this point.

Thank you all again. And the best of luck 


Best of luck with the future Declan. You'd be a credit to any organisation!!!!.
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