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Declan is leaving Currys & PC World

11.02.2013 15:59 #31
Originally posted by AltAccount
I don't like dealing with PC World, I don't trust their service levels. You were single-handedly winning me over.

You'll be missed Declan, and whoever takes over the mantle has big shoes to fill.

Good luck!

Yes have to agree one of the reasons that i started going back to purchase items with them

Thanks for all the help and best of luck in the future
11.02.2013 17:06 #32
Thanks very Much for all you done for myself and all here declan,All the best on your future search for another job.
11.02.2013 18:30 #33
i always  admired declan for comeing here and faceing the good and the bad head on and with no bs  . with currys not needing a md for ireland it says a lot about how they think of there irsh market no doubt they will suffer in the long run for not haveing declan onboard nad there service will go to crap again but no doubt declan will prosper in what ever company and what ever role he finds himself in best of luck in the future declan
11.02.2013 18:32 #34
Best wishes. Stay on boards pls!
11.02.2013 19:01 #35
Registered User
And there goes the only reason to shop in Currys.

Declan, you are a gent and will be missed by many.

Thanks for the all the help in the past.
11.02.2013 19:13 #36
Best of luck with your future endeavours Declan.  Your postings on here changed for me what was a large nameless (and blameless) organisation into my first stop if I was buying anything electrical.  You have done so much for the posters on here as well as electrical retail in the "rip off republic" with you mostly matching UK prices to compete.  Whatever organisation you move to will be lucky to have you.
11.02.2013 19:24 #37
A kick in the gulags
Declan, thanks for all your hard work and the time and effort you put into ensuring that as many Boardsies as possible were looked after.  This forum has definitely been the model for how well the Talk To... forums can operate, and I hope the new Currys/PCW hierarchy recognise that and continue to provide the same excellent service.
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11.02.2013 19:33 #38
Registered User
I'd say this should be stickied, at least until any more announcements are made, if any.

Declan, if you're reading this, it was a pleasure to know and with work you both on Boards and in store. I won't go on too long here but I genuinely wish you the best of luck in the future. You can take great confidence from the general consensus shown by the posts on this thread that you were a breath of fresh air in Irish retail. Everyone appreciated your presence and if you haven't already got a personal account you should definitely make one!
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11.02.2013 19:34 #39
Registered User
Wish you the very best of luck for the future Declan :)
11.02.2013 19:36 #40
Best of luck in the future Declan. 

I was anti PC World until around 2 years ago after seeing your posts on boards thought I would buy a laptop in PC World Carrickmines as I trusted your no nonsense approach to customer service. Have since purchased 3 laptops, 2 TVs, a Fridge and a washing machine. 

Hopefully customer service won't go downhill but to be honest I expect it will. Was very refreshing being able to talk directly to the MD.
11.02.2013 19:39 #41
Registered User
You sorted my dad recently when a manager wouldn't stand over a deal. It was much appreciated. Best of luck for the future.
11.02.2013 19:41 #42
Originally posted by Currys PC World: Declan
I'd like to let you know that, following a restructuring of operations in Ireland, the position of Managing Director for Currys & PC World in Ireland has become redundant and I will be leaving the business - and too. This is effective immediately. I had an option to work out my notice period but I have elected to be placed on garden leave instead so I leave today. 

I would like to thank the 600 people who work for Currys & PC World, both in stores and in the head office in Carrickmines in Dublin. They are fantastic people doing a great job for customers and I have the height of adniration for what they do. I hope you will continue to give them your support and your cash !

I would, of course, also like to thank everyone who has contributed to this forum over the last 3 years. Boards has been informative, fun and hugely rewarding for me. I am extremely grateful to all of you for your questions and challenges. I am quite sure it has made us a better retailer. 

As I no longer work for the business, this is my last post and my account will be closed from this point.

Thank you all again. And the best of luck 


Declan for pope!

Seriously though, this is very sad news, having worked for you for the past six years I have to say you have been an inspiration.

You will be missed by all.

Good luck with whatever the future holds.
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11.02.2013 19:43 #43
Registered User
Sincerely best of luck for the future, you will be a huge loss to Currys\PC World. It was because of your helpful, truthful and honest presence here that I was converted into a regular customer.

Hopefully you remain on boards in a different guise.
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11.02.2013 20:31 #44
As someone else who has benefitted from Declan's hand-on approach, affableness and desire to sort out problems I wish him the best of luck.

I'm sure other retailers are licking their lips in anticipation of Currys going back to their old ways.
11.02.2013 20:37 #45
Registered User
Best of luck Declan. Your presence here was the reason I made some big purchaces in Currys. Real shame to see you go. Good luck in whatever the future brings for you.
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