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Declan is leaving Currys & PC World

11.02.2013 11:09 #16
Registered User
Agree, its been a pleasure to have you on boards and shows what some companies can do to offer their customers that extra service.

As the overlords at Currys/PC world has decided that the position of MD within Ireland is no longer required, i wonder how that will pan out for their long term plan for Ireland ...
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11.02.2013 11:16 #17
well then the entire talk to section has become redundant.

I have never seen any representative of a company talk publicly and answer all questions without BS like you did.

...dont suppose you will be going for a job with UPC:pac:
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11.02.2013 11:17 #18
Declan, can I just take this opportunity to say how wonderful it has been to work for you. I have read your post and am completely gob smacked.
Enjoy your gardening leave, and I hope you find another company soon that will appreciate your talents.
All the best for the future
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11.02.2013 11:18 #19
Registered User
Best of luck Declan!
11.02.2013 11:57 #20
Registered User
Declan you will be really missed... always a pleasure to deal with and so helpful. The best of luck with everything :)
11.02.2013 12:03 #21
I don't like dealing with PC World, I don't trust their service levels. You were single-handedly winning me over.

You'll be missed Declan, and whoever takes over the mantle has big shoes to fill.

Good luck!
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11.02.2013 12:25 #22
Registered User
All the very best for the future.
Thanks for being around, lending your ear and more often than not finding a solution.

You'll be missed! :(

A major loss for Currys/PC World :mad:   and for
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11.02.2013 12:29 #23
Oh well. Now you are gone service will go to hell again.

Best of luck buddy.
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11.02.2013 12:30 #24
Registered User
Declan went above and beyond the call of duty.

After buying a PC in '98 off pcworld and had to deal with the world of hurt of their repairs department of the time, I swore never ever to use pcworld/currys family.

Declan changed that. I'll never forget the iPad 2 queue for users that he managed here. Got myself a nice launch day iPad 2 no hassles. All thanks to Declan.

Sorry to see you go, but I'll no doubt look forward to seeing what your future holds.
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11.02.2013 12:32 #25
Best of Luck Man:)
11.02.2013 12:35 #26
Very sad to see you go Declan, my main reason for shopping there was i knew you would help if any legit problems arose rather than other cs which is to give the customer the run around.

I really hope it all works out for you, and keep in touch on boards.

and good luck with the future!
11.02.2013 12:44 #27
Registered User
Best of luck Declan, Thanks for all your help
11.02.2013 13:40 #28
Best of luck, Declan.  You'll be missed for all the assistance you provided through the forum and pm's.
11.02.2013 14:46 #29
Just my luck. I send you a message and you resign today.

All the best I suppose
11.02.2013 15:56 #30
Registered User
Originally posted by ph143
Just my luck. I send you a message and you resign today.

All the best I suppose

Yes... you're the unlucky one here...
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