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08.11.2012 15:48 #16
Hi Paul,

That's great - glad to read it.

Thanks for letting us know. :)

11.11.2012 20:13 #17
Originally posted by pauld

Thnaks for your speedy response on pm, talked with the installer, being installed at 8 am tomorrow!

Thanks for your help.

hi paul . did you recieve your climote. what do you think of it?
13.11.2012 17:01 #18
Registered User
Ukele, I did receive it, looks pretty good, pretty handy that you can manage the heating controls remotely.

Unfortunately for us our heating system is old, so there is no separate heating zones or automated option to use heat only or water only.

On the plus side, the climote gives us the option of more setting more times zoens for the heat to switch on and off and also have different times for each day etc, all off which can be done remotely.

The webiste provide excellent MI on your usage, although only a week in for us.
13.11.2012 21:11 #19
does that mean you can look back to see how much you have used it or who left it on maybe?
13.11.2012 21:13 #20
could you not motorized valves in hotpress to seperate the zones or even give just either water or heat
13.11.2012 22:35 #21
Category Moderator
Plenty of info from the FAQ:> http://www.climote.ie/...tly-asked-questions/

For someone without a apple/android phone the text commands pretty much cover everything that i can think of:> http://www.climote.ie/...xt-message-commands/
16.11.2012 22:46 #22
Registered User
Originally posted by ukelely
could you not motorized valves in hotpress to seperate the zones or even give just either water or heat

Yep that can be done but can be fiddly to install and also costly, depending on the piping.
The way forward to wireless communication between TRVs in all the rooms and the boiler control unit.
No need for zones at all then and can be retrofitted to any house without ripping up floorboards or tiling.
17.11.2012 22:16 #23
This post has been deleted.
17.11.2012 22:23 #24
Registered User
The Radeco system appears to be able to allow you do that. RADECO
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06.12.2012 12:53 #25
Registered User
Hi, I already have a system installed with 1 room thermostat for the radiators and a thermostat on the copper cylinder for the hot water. Does this Climote system render those thermostats obsolete or incorporate them? Also how does one avail of the €29/bill option?
06.12.2012 13:05 #26
Hi Mugser,

You can connect these to Climote no trouble at all. The system is compatible with any time-switch set-up. :)

Info on the €29 per month offer and who to contact to avail of it - here on our website.

All the best,
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13.12.2012 00:50 #27
Registered User
Tried to purchase this via the AXA offer over the phone. I could not take the call when the person rang but they left a message saying they were unavailable and they would give me a ring when they were available.

Any idea when they will be available again.
13.12.2012 16:00 #28
Hi Dingding,

Did you phone the number on this link on AXA's website?

13.12.2012 17:41 #29
Hi again Dingding,

I have been speaking to Home Services regarding your query and they suggested phoning them directly in relation to the AXA offer - they are at 1850 372 333 or can be emailed to: homeservice@electricireland.ie

Do let me know if you require further assistance. We are here until 6pm and back in the morning from 8am.

14.12.2012 21:17 #30
Registered User

I have two timers (side by side), one for hot water, the other for the heating. I also have 3 thermostats, one per floor.
Can one climote do the job and control all of this?
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