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29.10.2012 19:53 #1
I got a display of the Climote at the Electric Ireland at the Ideal Home, and I want to buy one but the discounted price of €199 doesn't seem to be available, that was mentioned at the show? Can you help?
29.10.2012 21:38 #2
Category Moderator
Its €299 instead of €399.

The offer is a discounted price of €299. The €100 discount is off the rrp of a €399 Climote Smart Time Switch, from Electric Ireland Home Services Team.
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30.10.2012 09:36 #3
Hi jazzrocket,

As correctly pointed out by Davy, the rrp is €399, so €299 is the discounted price (this includes installation and the first year's remote access fee, worth €36).

For those who have no idea what we're talking about, see the below video explaining what Climote is all about. It is available at our ElectricIrelandStore.ie here.


30.10.2012 13:05 #4
This post has been deleted.
30.10.2012 15:08 #5
Hi Melendez,

Yes, to adjust the temperature to different levels for different rooms (to use your example, 20°C in some and 16°C in the bedroom of the person you least like ;)) it would be necessary to have a multizonal heating system already installed.

The climote is essentially an advanced time switch with a built-in thermostat that can be controlled remotely through a digital device, be it a smart phone/normal mobile (via text)/tablet or desktop computer. It would typically replace time switches.

Hope this helps.


30.10.2012 17:39 #6
Category Moderator
Does the annual fee cover all warranty issues etc down the road a few years?
30.10.2012 21:30 #7
I called up the customer care today and they quoted €129 if Electric Ireland customer
30.10.2012 22:52 #8
Category Moderator
Originally posted by jazzrocket
I called up the customer care today and they quoted €129 if Electric Ireland customer

Thats very strange.

The deal for existing customers is that you can pay off the bill over 2 years and get the two years service fee included (€36 X 2) but still have to pay €299 for the control unit and the install.

Where they defiantly talking about the same thing? :confused:
31.10.2012 09:49 #9
Registered User
Originally posted by Melendez
This post has been deleted.

It works best if you have a multizone system but it's not quite as advanced as you think.
There is a thermostat with it and you can place that in any room in the house but it is wired into the Climote. As a result, mine is in the kitchen where the boiler and Climote are.
The Climote can control up to three zones - typically hot water, upstairs and downstairs.
It won't control radiator thermostats at all.
What you can do is control it so your hot water heats up at one time, your upstairs heats up later in the day and your downstairs heats up earlier etc etc....
It works just as well if you have only one zone. My house is a one zone system and the Climote works fine for it.
You can have up to three time zones for each controlled zone each day.
You can also programme (I think) up to seven different schedules, e.g. winter holidays, winter, summer, spring etc.

In the future, they say they will have wireless thermostats that will be able to communicate with the Climote and then you'll be able to control each room's temperature individually from the panel.

It's not a bad system. Will it save you money? I doubt it will save you a bucketload but it's a nice system and it's great to be able to boost your heat if you're snuggled up in bed or lounging on the sofa by using your phone or tablet or laptop.... :D
31.10.2012 12:09 #10
Hi all,

Just some further info:

The annual fee is actually a remote access fee which is €36 per year. It is for keeping the sim card within the unit activated.
If a customer does not wish to pay this after the free period expires, they can still use the unit but without the facility of remote access.

Just to confirm the cost: It is either €299 (RRP €399) (first year's remote access is fee-free) for any customer, or for billed customers: €29 per bill over two years (first two years' remote access is fee-free).

In terms of savings: pilots conducted have yielded a saving of up to 20% on heating.

08.11.2012 11:08 #11
Registered User
Hi, I ordered this last week on line. have not heard from anyone since?

Any ideas on when I might expect contact from someone to arrange installation.
08.11.2012 11:10 #12
Hi Paul,

Did you order it from the Electric Ireland online store?

08.11.2012 11:28 #13
Registered User

Hi, yes online, I got an email next day from my sister Mary D with the T&Cs(you might know her!), nothing since

08.11.2012 11:32 #14
Hi again Paul,

If you private message me your name and address I will check how your order is progressing. :)

08.11.2012 15:37 #15
Registered User

Thnaks for your speedy response on pm, talked with the installer, being installed at 8 am tomorrow!

Thanks for your help.
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