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Boardsdeals emails about "" shops.

15.10.2012 07:59 #1
Registered User
Now that Boardsdeals have stopped I expected the daily emails to stop also, instead the addresses are being used to send "offers" about so called shops. I never intended my email address to be used in this way and have unsubscribed but I think it's slightly underhand of to do this. It may be buried in the small print that Boards could indeed do this but its not in the spirit to what the majority of users would think is the case, and lets be honest, who actually reads all the small print!
15.10.2012 10:10 #2 Community Manager
Hi quenching,
When we sent your our last email on 1st October, we mentioned in the email that we would still like to bring you lots of great products from our sister site It was in the second paragraph of the email, not in small print. We also included:

"Every week BoardsDeals will send you the latest, greatest shops and products from! If you'd rather not hear from us please unsubscribe here"

We did our best to advise BoardsDeals customers that they would continue to receive weekly offers by email from Adverts and also gave them the option to unsubscribe straight away if they so wished. We were as upfront as we possibly could have been about the emails. You can view that email from 1st October here.

Thank you,
15.10.2012 10:43 #3
Registered User
Hi Niamh,
I appreciate your reply, but you reasoning relies on people reading the email that was sent and then having to opt out. It's more appropriate to ask people to opt in. No big deal but I still think its the wrong approach, maybe something to bear in mind for the future.

best regards
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