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Beauty Angel-Shellac Deal €15 bought in may, expired in August

26.09.2012 12:17 #1
Registered User
I bought two of these vouchers; one I used myself and I posted my feedback here saying I was unhappy with the manicure. I gave the second to a friend for her birthday. She said she tried numerous times in July and August to contact the salon but they never answered the phone. Low and behold a few days after the vouchers expired they started answering the phone again. My friend said the salon refused to honor the voucher basically saying tough luck.

I'm not at all happy with this deal. It was a poor product- as I said previously mysnicyre lasted a few days and wasn't shellac. My friend couldnt redeem her voucher. I just hope the salon didn't receive payment for both vouchers. Also just to add I've always been a happy customer of boards deals up to now.

I can pm the unused voucher number to you if it's any help.
26.09.2012 12:21 #2
Registered User
Sorry, I should've posted in boards deals experiences. Mods can you move. Thanks!
28.09.2012 13:16 #3
Registered User
Any feedback?
01.10.2012 09:27 #4 Community Manager
Hi How Strange,
Apologies for the delay in answering you, I somehow missed your post last week. Do you know if your friend contacted us when she was unable to get through to Beauty Angel? If you can send me the voucher number, that would be very helpful, thank you.
01.10.2012 22:41 #5
Registered User
Hi Niamh thanks for your reply. No she didn't contact boards deals because she didn't know what deal site I got it from. I'll pm the voucher no to you tomorrow.
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