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Talk to Meteor - Support Hours and Forum Charter

03.09.2012 13:38 #1
Welcome to the Talk to... Meteor forum at We're delighted to have Meteor join this month.

A representative from Meteor's Customer Care team will be here between 13:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday to answer your questions about your Meteor account and to help with any relevant advice, issues or questions.

They are: If you need to speak to someone outside of these hours, Billpay customers can call 1905 or Pay as you go customers can call 1747.

You can also post in to their own forums where their very knowledgeable customers can also give you a steer!

A note from Meteor themselves:
Why are Meteor here?
We're here to keep you up to date on all that is Meteor to engage with our customers and assist with any queries they may have.

During our opening hours 13:00 to 1700 Monday to Friday, we will do our best to resolve any queries from you, our customers, but feel free to post at any time and we'll get to it as soon as we can.
Outside these hours you can visit us on our community forum or Twitter page.

We will also use the forum to let customers know of any new services, to give advice on Meteor plans and Products and to run ( soon hopefully ) competitions exclusively for members

How long will it take to solve my issue?

We try and provide solutions as fast as possible; however, some queries may take longer to resolve than others and we will advise when this is the case.

Also note that for some queries, we may require information about your account ( to allow us to investigate fully or apply changes), if this is necessary, and to protect your privacy and account information, we’ll ask you to send us a private message.

What will we do with your feedback?

Often times you the customer are first to notice issues concerning our service. As such your feedback is very important to us. If you do have any advice or suggestion we’ll ensure this is passed on to the relevant people in our team. This way we can continue to improve and provide a better service for you.
All the usual forum guidelines apply in this forum. Personal abuse will not be tolerated. Remember, the Meteor team are here to help you.

Important to note too that the reps cannot answer every question immediately - due to the size of Meteor and the variety of departments, they have internal processes to follow themselves, so please be patient.

Meteor have no deletion or editing privileges on your posts or theirs on this forum.
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