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Credit where credit's due - helpful boardsdeals staff!

17.05.2012 18:33 #1
Registered User
Thought I'd post this here as some general feedback on the boards deals forum service.

I spotted a meal deal on another deal site - dinner plus a bottle of red wine. As I don't drink red, I contacted the site support via email to ask if it could be substituted for white.

Got a reply within the hour to say that I'd have to check it out with the restaurant myself as they only sell the vouchers!

How many times have similar questions been posed here and answered by the boards deals crew after they contacted the premises on behalf of prospective customers?

Thumbs up for the boards deals staff on this one!

(Unlike the AIB ads, I did not receive a gratuity for my time in making this post...:) )
18.05.2012 12:09 #2 Community Manager
Thanks gipi!
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