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Sign up for UPC, get a €250 voucher!

12.04.2012 22:15 #1
Hi guys!

I thought it'd be a good idea to share the UPC deal we have in stores on here. If you walk into store and sign up for UPC you can qualify for a €250 voucher which you can spend in any of our stores in the Rep. of Ireland! If you are a new customer OR an existing UPC Tv customer you can get a €125 voucher with the appropriate package. To qualify for the €250 voucher you must be a new customer. Check out the link to the terms and conditions below for specifics.

Terms & conditions can be found here

The deals that qualify for the €250 voucher are as follows;

Deals for €125 vouchers too if the above doesn't suit:

And some optional extras:

21.08.2012 13:20 #2


Is there any additional fees?

Like installation? One-off costs?

Just wondering if I take the 76 euro offer in PC World, will I have to payany complementary fees?

Many thanks for your answer.
28.09.2012 22:29 #3
hey guys, i dont know if i am in the right section or not, but i wanted to know is the BLACKBERRY PlayBook Tablet PC - 64 GB available in tallaght pc world or not???
11.10.2012 06:55 #4
hi ,

this is a great offer i sign up for this one in may my friends sign from they get few months free subscription,but now till this date i never got the voucher even visiting the store{liffy valley}they said that they inform the head office already.
i got my upc connection in may..... so now its 5 months .do i still need to wait...or 250 euro voucher is a promotional scam.or will u please let me know which door i need to knock.
my referal number 0000169086. and my upc customer number is 77450658.
i hope i will get a reply soon
thanking you
Anil Roy
12.10.2012 10:49 #5
Registered User
Would you be able to advise what documents are needed to sign up to UPC in-store?
I tried ringing your customer service line, but got through to the UK where I was told they knew nothing about Irish products and then bounced me around 5 different departments, each of which didn't understand why anybody would send me to them.

I was planning to bring:
ID - Driving License
Proof of Address - Utility Bill
Direct Debit details - have my bank account details written down, is this sufficient?

Am I missing anything?

29.10.2012 23:05 #6
Looks like this has expired. Any plans on extending it?
29.12.2012 02:22 #7
Originally posted by SomeGuyCalledMi
Looks like this has expired. Any plans on extending it?

wondering myself.. moving to a new place first wek of jan.. have a few things picked out for myself totaling over a few grand.. also have 2 family members that will be wanting 3 american fridges to go with our order!
29.12.2012 11:40 #8
DID have that deal on and proper employees with manners and good customer service!

We ordered it in October and they came out on a day that suited us and we got the voucher posted out within 6 weeks. Used it yesterday and the staff could not be more polite nor helpful in the stillorgan store.
29.12.2012 11:59 #9
Oh yea? Will back check it out. Going through the boards link they will give you a 50e did voucher.. wonder if signing up in did do you get half price for 4 months?
29.12.2012 12:05 #10
No it's a€250 DID voucher but you don't get 4 months half price. You only get the half price if you order from UPC directly
29.12.2012 13:30 #11
Originally posted by Rasher1983
No it's a€250 DID voucher but you don't get 4 months half price. You only get the half price if you order from UPC directly

ok thanks. I'll work out which is better.. although going with the DID option seems cheaper..have a few things picked out in currys, kinda wana buy from one company to get the best price possible
had a visit to DID and couldn't find the same stuff to compare prices..

did they charge you the 90 activation fee also?
29.12.2012 13:58 #12
Yea they just pass your details to upc and when you pay your first bill the voucher is posted. You have to pay the installation fee to UPC directly. Think it's included in your first bill
29.12.2012 19:44 #13

I had been to your Jervis street store today to apply for UPC Broadband and I was told that I have to enter my details online.

I cannot find the URL on your website.

Hence please post the appropriate PC World link to apply for UPC broadband.

Best Regards

29.12.2012 19:51 #14

May be you have to apply on website?
29.12.2012 20:52 #15
Thx, bbumerr

By applying through the Currys/PC World you can avail of a 250 Euro or 125 Euro voucher. Hence the query.
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