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Money Lodgement Problem

02.04.2012 16:41 #1
Registered User
I was in one of the Bank of Ireland branches today and attempted to lodge some money.

I attempted to lodge €19.80 - all of it in coins.

I had put them in the correct bags however each bag was not full, though the amount in each bag was written on the front.

I was told they were unable to accept the money when the bags were not full.

This happened before and after writing a letter to the bank I was told this was not the case and they should have accepted my money.

The next time I went to lodge money there was no problem with taking not full bags.

However they would not accept them today, and after explaining the above to them they just told me that they would not accept them.

Can you please tell me why the teller wouldn't accept the money today they did previously.

I hope you can provide me with some answers.
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03.04.2012 09:18 #2
Hi obliviousgrudge,

Thanks for your query. I've checked into it for you and as long as the change was separated, bagged and each bag was labelled the branch should have no problem with lodging it for you.

Can you please PM me which branch it was so I can pass it on to them?

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