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Support Hours and Vodafone Talk to Charter. Updated 14/04/2017

27.03.2012 09:05 #1
Hi Folks,

Welcome to the Talk to Vodafone Forum on boards.ie.

This forum is to discuss all things Vodafone related - however the team will prioritize account and care related queries. We may not be able to comment on Vodafone policies or provide details that are commercially sensitive.

We have a customer care representative on this forum from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday through Friday. We will answer queries as quickly as possible, starting with the oldest unanswered last post (note that bumping of your thread may result in other users being answered before you), but cannot commit to a response time.

If you require support outside of these hours, our customer forum is open evenings and weekends. Alternatively, contact details for our customer care teams can be found here.

Our current team of online representatives is:
Vodafone: Sheena
Vodafone: Darren
Vodafone: Danielle
Other members of the team may help out under the handle: Vodafone: Reps

A note on private messages: If you need assistance from a representative, please post a public thread first (omitting any personal information such as account numbers) if further details are required, a representative will request that these be sent by private message. When sending private messages, please ensure you include a link to your public post, as messages without a link will be deleted.

Vodafone Social Media Team
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