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Early Upgrade on O2

10.02.2012 14:23 #1

My phone broke earlier this week and I now have to buy a new one. I contacted O2 and found out that I won't be due an upgrade until May but that I could purchase an early upgrade for 55 euro. However I rang back today and was informed that an early upgrade would cost 120 euro.

Can you inform me how the early upgrade is calculated. The woman on the phone today explained it in detail but unfortunately I had no pen at the time to take it down.

There's a huge difference between 55 and 120 so I just want to be sure! I can pm account details etc. if necessary.

10.02.2012 17:06 #2
It was actually €120. It is calculated by taking your cancellation fee and reducing it by 20%
24.02.2012 12:15 #3
Registered User
I also phoned this morning regarding an early upgrade and i was told it would be €150. I'm due a silver upgrade in May. What is the actual amount?
24.02.2012 12:43 #4
Can you PM your number by clicking the below link and I can get the exact amount?
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