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31.01.2012 12:20 #1 Community Manager
Hi all,
We are hiring again and looking for a Business Development Executive. You can read the job spec here.

If you know anyone in sales who is either looking for a new job or looking to move from their current position, please do pass it on to them.

Thank you :)
31.01.2012 14:42 #2
Registered User
The destination URL provided is not valid :(
31.01.2012 14:43 #3 Community Manager
Originally posted by stickybean
The destination URL provided is not valid :(

Fixed now, sorry about that :)
1 thank
22.03.2012 10:21 #4 Community Manager
Just a reminder that we are still hiring, here are the details:

Please do pass it on to any friends you have in sales who are looking for new opportunities.

Thank you.
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