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02 Money Card

24.04.2012 10:28 #31
Verified representative
You'd need to check that with our O2 Money team on 1890 812102 (Lo Call charges apply), or email at
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24.04.2012 10:46 #32
Registered User
Originally posted by O2_MichelleA
You'd need to check that with our O2 Money team on 1890 812102 (Lo Call charges apply), or email at

Thanks Michelle e-mail sent
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01.05.2012 12:23 #33
Registered User
Can I top up my 02 card by 30 euro?
01.05.2012 12:45 #34
Hi, you can top up your O2 Money card in a shop that has the payzone sign, in Store you can request the amount.
04.07.2012 00:43 #35
Registered User
Hey I need some help i got a money card but I don't know how to activate it? Could someone help me out please
30.07.2012 12:17 #36
How hard or easy is it to transfer funds from my paddy power account to my o2 card. I never done this before so i need quick answers please and tell me if theres any documentation involved Thanks
30.07.2012 12:53 #37
Hi DominicKid & Zebb Finch, for any O2 Money queries you need to contact or call 1890 812102.
29.08.2012 21:26 #38
Quick question this..are these cards like 3v cards ie you're given new Visa number every top up or does the card number expiry date etc stay permanent like a bank debit card
29.08.2012 21:35 #39
No you don't get a new visa number each time, you can use this card like a regular visa, the number is on the front and doesn't change.

You just top it up before you use it

For O2 Money queries
or contact them directly

Call them on 1890 812102 (Lo Call charges apply), or email them at
29.08.2012 22:09 #40
Cheers, may aswell get one of these...have a 3v card but the minimum amount you can top up is 30 euro with a 2.50 charge so this might suit me better
16.01.2013 19:12 #41
Registered User
Just wondering if you know how to complete a bank transfer from AIB to the O2 Money Card. I can fill in everything on the AIB site, but there's nowhere to put the 'Recipient Reference' which is the long number on the card.

Any ideas how to complete it correctly? I can't for the life of me find anything about it on the O2 Money site.
16.01.2013 20:37 #42
Hi, is there anywhere on your online banking page looking for a reference number? This is where the recipient ref no would go. Let me know exactly what fields you have that need to be completed?
16.01.2013 21:58 #43
With AIB its the 'Receivers Message' field - or similar text. What you supply in that field will display on o2s bank statement.
17.01.2013 10:49 #44
In this field I would put the O2 Money card account number or the card number. I wouldn't be 100% sure on this as I haven't used an O2 Money card myself before. I had a look through the FAQs of the O2 Money site looking for more information but it's not very detailed.

I'd recommend contacting O2 Money directly to make sure as if the incorrect information is input in the receivers message field, it could delay the money applying to the card

Call them on 1890 812102 (Lo Call charges apply), or email them at
17.01.2013 15:36 #45
Registered User
Thanks for the help O2, and Sully. Yes i was thinking it could be the 'Message to appear.....' area that where you put it but wasnt certain. These are fields you fill in:

Receiver Name:

Receiver NSC:

Receiver Account Number:

Message to appear on receiver statement:

Payment amount:

The only place left blank is the 'Message to appear on receiver statement' part. Did you top up using AIB before Sully?
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