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20.12.2011 20:21 #31
have to say the customer service is excellent at Komplett
Rang the phone number on the website ( 15c per minute)
press 1 for sales....we don't have a rep available and this call will end.
ring again and press 2 for support......we don't have a rep available and this call will end.
see from the site they have people available on boards, great idea, try to contact them, post topic at 11.30 am.......and still no reply.
seriously having doubts about dealing with Komplett again.
1 thank
22.12.2011 12:34 #32
Verified representative
Sorry man,

It Christmas time so we are completely swamped at the moment. We're trying our best to get to everybody unfortuantely phones and email have to come first.

What's the issue and I can try help
22.12.2011 12:38 #33
Verified representative
Sorry checked the last page and I see the issue:

PAYPAL error : 10417 Description : The transaction cannot complete successfully. Instruct the customer to use an alternative payment method. =>

According tot he system you made too many failed attempts and it put a temp block on your IP address. You'll have to try from another line or later once teh block clears
09.01.2012 16:44 #34
Registered User
Payment Refused: "The transaction has been deniedPayment not accepted : Payment refused by the acquirer"

Balance is fine - Visa Debit

So should I try again or risk getting IP blocked?

So tried again. Order reference : 62393
Payment Refused: "The transaction has been denied Payment not accepted : Payment refused by the Merchant"

Is there an issue with how kompletts registration process asks for street before building. It displays my invoice address as:


But my delivery address displays as normal. I tried with a separate account with address displayed in correct order by putting building number in for street.

It refused but maybe due to the retry. Love to know why my verified by visa seems to go through but the actual payment does'nt.
10.01.2012 09:53 #35
Verified representative
Hi Man,

I checked this out using the Ogone ref: Authorisation declined:

*** KBV B.V. *** => Unable to process. [05] => ERROR=30051001

Usually this means that Ogone couldn't verify the details with your bank (Usually cause the bank system is still dial up :P)

I see you tried again this morning and it went through :)
10.01.2012 18:52 #36
Registered User
Thanks for following up. I meant to remove my post but never got the chance. Thanks again, bank sorted it. :D
24.01.2012 23:26 #37
Hosted Moderator
Cannot seem to make a purchase with BOI laser card. Getting payment refused error. Balance is fine and I used it on another site tonight with no issue.

Forgot to write down the codes, will try again tomorrow as I tried too many times tonight for comfort.
25.01.2012 12:33 #38
Hosted Moderator
solved via phone.
25.01.2012 18:03 #39
Hosted Moderator
Transaction ID: 64470 + 64469

Tried it again with my card and my wifes card. Neither worked. I tried again as after contacting the bank they confirmed they seen no attempt to take money from my account.
26.01.2012 12:29 #40
Hi TomTom,

I have looked in this case and sent you an email outlining the issue with these transactions as it appears on our payments services system.

Please email service@komplett.ie if you require additional clarification.
03.02.2012 20:13 #41
Registered User
Originally posted by the_syco
Used to use 3V myself, but now just use Paypal. Komplett takes Paypal.

Login to Paypal, and goto "Top Up Account". You'll see your "Paypal" account info. It's based in Ireland, so you can do a ROI transfer

Use the "Bank code" and "Account number" from the Paypal site as per usual on the AIB site, and put the "Transfer ID" number from Paypal into where "Message to appear on receiver statement:" on the AIB website.

I find transfer from AIB to Paypal usually takes about four days, and unlike 3V, you can top up your balance :D
They wont leave me transfer money from my bank to paypal. I've tried and they want a visa card as proof of Identity even though I gave them my full bank details.
04.02.2012 09:39 #42
Registered User
I'm also having problems - can't pay by Paypal 'cos 'merchant refused payment', and if I try to pay by credit card, I'm told 'no payment method selected'. Guess I'll have to wait until Monday and phone you...
06.02.2012 09:42 #43
Registered User
OK, so now we have phoned you - apparently the problem is that our order came to more than €2000, and your system won't accept orders over 2k. It will, apparently, accept 2 orders of 1k, so that's what we're trying now. Thought I'd post this in case anyone else has the same problem.
06.02.2012 10:27 #44
Registered User
..and it's still not working. Just about ready to give up here and take our business elsewhere - your phone system now cuts us off as soon as we try to transfer to sales, saying 'sorry, unable to transfer you at this time', and the phone goes dead.

This is an exercise in frustration!
06.02.2012 11:32 #45
Registered User
..and finally, we seem to have achieved order - after having to go round to a mate's house to put the order in 'cos our IP number was blocked after so many attempts. Got there in the end!
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