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Accepted Cards and Payment Types

29.08.2011 16:35 #1
Verified representative
Okay guys,

Seems to be a lot of people having issues with payment so I'm going to set this up and if anyone has any issues with payment please post here.

this way everyone can read back through what has already been asked. The goal is to setup a definite list of what works and what doesn't.

If you have tried paying and it failed send me the order reference Ogone gives you and I'll investigate.

Also guys one big issue a lot of people have without even knwoing is there IP address. If this isn't registered as Irish the process will probably be blocked so just check that before posting here.

What we do know that works so far:
All Mastercard
All Visa
Maestro (exception with AIB)
Visa Debit
31.08.2011 11:24 #2
For those people who need an alternative to the accepted online payment methods, you may also use the 3V pre-paid card on our website.


We've had numerous customers use this option for online payments without issue. It should do the trick for anyone in a pinch.

Other pre-paid card types (O2 Money Card, etc) either flat out don't work on our website or are unknowns, so use at your own risk. We're currently looking into these options to see if we can post more details/alternatives for you.
12.09.2011 10:59 #3
Verified representative
O2 money cards should now go through! :)

If anyone has issues with them let me know.
24.09.2011 20:11 #4
Registered User
Will a Laser card from AIB work at the Pick Up Point?
26.09.2011 10:13 #5
Verified representative
It will indeed.

Most cards (all prepaid and all irish issued cards) will work in the Pick Up Point. The terminals we actually use are AIB they just won't process online.
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26.09.2011 16:52 #6
Registered User
I used my 3V card on Komplett a good few times but in the past 18 months there is no place that I can topup my card in the town so I cant shop online until AIB send out the new debit card next year :(
28.09.2011 13:47 #7
Once they start the process of issuing the Visa Debit cards give them a ring and tell them you lost your laser card. They'll cancel it and send a replacement of the new Visa Debit type regardless of your position on the update list. I had to do something like that with Permanent TSB myself.

In the short term though I'm not sure what to suggest other than another pre-paid service. I know Ross had been working on the O2 Money Card problem and according to his post above that seems to have been worked out so you might give that a try?
28.09.2011 13:59 #8
Registered User
Originally posted by Steve30x
I used my 3V card on Komplett a good few times but in the past 18 months there is no place that I can topup my card in the town so I cant shop online until AIB send out the new debit card next year :(

Used to use 3V myself, but now just use Paypal. Komplett takes Paypal.

Login to Paypal, and goto "Top Up Account". You'll see your "Paypal" account info. It's based in Ireland, so you can do a ROI transfer

Use the "Bank code" and "Account number" from the Paypal site as per usual on the AIB site, and put the "Transfer ID" number from Paypal into where "Message to appear on receiver statement:" on the AIB website.

I find transfer from AIB to Paypal usually takes about four days, and unlike 3V, you can top up your balance :D
28.09.2011 14:03 #9
I think you mean 3V Takes paypal? Komplett.ie does not yet accept paypal.
28.09.2011 22:28 #10
Registered User
It's a real hassle that you guys don't accept Laser. I can't get a CC cause I'm a student.

It's gonna be either 3V, O2Card or Elara.ie, or drive all the way from waterford to Dublin. :/ Pity, you guys are cheaper than Elara tho. Do not want to be signing up for new cards just for one purchase. :/ You should really get paypal at least.
29.09.2011 09:25 #11
Registered User
Originally posted by Komplett-Tech: Shelton
I think you mean 3V Takes paypal? Komplett.ie does not yet accept paypal.

Uh. When I saw the "Payments by PAYPAL" link at the bottom of https://komplett.ie/Ko...contact/Contact.aspx I thought it meant you accepted Paypal...
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29.09.2011 17:12 #12
Sorry for the confusion, The website is actually meant to say that paypal is coming soon (when you mouse over the icon) but it hasn't actually been activated for use on the website yet.
19.11.2011 18:33 #13

Just wondering if you now accept paypal on the site?

Alternatively, do you accept credit cards issued outside of Ireland but goods are due to be delivered within Ireland.
21.11.2011 09:14 #14
Verified representative
Hey Man,

We do indeed accept paypal. Currently we are enabling it on all accounts so this might take some time but its enabled on all new accounts so if your in a hurry you can do it that way :)

As for the second issue you should indeed in most cases. Normally the card has to be setup with verified by Visa etc to work but it should go through.
25.11.2011 13:50 #15

I cannot make any payments, ogone.com seems to be down? I've sent 2 emails without a response, PLEASE inform me of what is going on!

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