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Signing up to iPhone on 3

01.11.2010 21:41 #1
Looking at moving to three to get iPhone is the €50 back if you sign up to classic flexible Max given to you if you buy in a store?
01.11.2010 21:43 #2
Registered User
Are you talking about the offer if you keep your number. If you are then yes
01.11.2010 22:38 #3
Cool. I am on three bill at the moment. Could I cancel account love to 02 prepay for a hour them move my number back to three to avail of the offer?
01.11.2010 22:41 #4
Registered User
I would imagine not:rolleyes:
01.11.2010 22:51 #5
Why not? Surely I would be moving my number to three and therefore would be within the t&c
02.11.2010 12:01 #6
Dental Plan!
Number 2 in the iPhone T's & C's:

The offer applies to new first time connection 3 Bill Pay customers who port their mobile number from their existing mobile phone network to the 3 network and sign up to any Flex (with the exception of Mini Flex) or Flex Max plan.

You are not a new first time connection 3 bill pay customer. Most networks define "new" as someone who has been with another network for 6 months or more.
02.11.2010 13:57 #7
Fair enough. Still planing on cancelling my current contract early and signing up for a new one on the iPhone plan. What documents do I need to bring to the store?
02.11.2010 14:10 #8
Also, is the iPhone the same price in stores as online?
02.11.2010 14:25 #9
Registered User
Not sure about pricing but you'll have to bring in either a drivers licence or passport and a utility bill or bank statement/credit card statement or mobile operators bill....
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